Good fishing keeps changing with the seasons and the years. We've been flying out of Nestor Falls since the early 60's and have learned to watch for the best lakes that Northwest Ontario has to offer. Northwest Flying is a commercial air charter company that will ensure your next Canadian fishing adventure will be a successful one.

We offer Day Fishing Trips as well as private Fly In Camping trips to several lakes to fish for Walleye, Northern, Muskie, Bass and Lake Trout.

If your looking for a Remote Fly In Outpost, we have four locations to choose from. Kishkutena Lake offers some of the best Bass fishing in the area with a chance at landing several Muskies. If great Walleye, Northern fishing is what your after then look no further than Cleftrock where you will have the entire lake all to yourself with two great portage lakes to explore. Loonhaunt Lake  is a one stop shop where you will find Lake Trout, Bass, Walleye as well as some fantastic Northern fishingAjax Lake, the only cabin on this great walleye,northern lake offers exclusive access to 4 portage lakes that offer excellent bass, northern, walleye and lake trout fishing.

We also service several excellent American Plan Lodges in the area so feel free to call us anytime to discuss your next Canadian fly in fishing trip.  



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