Ajax Lake

25 air miles W N B T

About 4 miles long, Ajax Lake plus 4 exclusive portage lakes has Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Walleye & Largemouth Bass.  There is lots of deep water up to about 90’ in the main body of the lake.  Rock, boulder shoreline with shallow areas of sand and weed lend itself to a wide range of fishing techniques.  Two large weed bays and lots of smaller cabbage patches offer great casting for Northern and Largemouth.  Trolling, floating or jigging for Trout and Walleye are also great ways to catch fish.

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Ajax Lake Map
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Ajax Creek


More of a flowage lake as water from Ajax, McCarter and Nickle flow into this lake, there is up to 18’ of water in one deeper hole but most of the lake is shallow rock shoreline with lots of week to fish.  Good Largemouth, Walleye and Northern, topwater at the right times can be a lot of fun.  Flipping twisters, grubs and other plastics works well on all species.  A few spinners and weedless spoons should be in your box too.


McCarter Lake


Boat up the creek and McCarter is a shallow, weedy lake that also has Walleye, Largemouth Bass and Northern.  Same methods as Ajax Creek work well.  The deep spon on this lake is about 13’.


Nickle Lake


Nickle is quite a bit different as it has up to 45’ in the middle of the lake and trolling cranks is a good way to find fish here.  A couple mid lake reefs often offer great Walleye fishing, but there are also lots of rock rubble shorelines to work.  Close to half of the lake has shallows with lots of cabbage and weed patches so good options to cast for Large & Smallmouth Bass and Northern.  Some of the largest Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass we have caught anywhere have come from Nickle (22” to 23” on both species).  You can have a great time with good numbers of big Smallmouth here and also Walleye both size and numbers.


Horseshoe Lake


This lake has some great Northern fishing and a nice 26” to 30” average with lots of numbers.  Husky Jerks, X-Raps and Spinners, plus anything else you want to throw will do the trick.  Your hands will be sore and arms tired by days end.  Rock rubble and shallow weed bays, there is up to 40’ of water in the deepest spots.


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