For those anglers looking for a truly remote fishing experience a fly-in outpost is definitely the answer. We currently operate five outposts cabins all on different lakes. You'll never have to worry about crowds and you can fish in complete seclusion for walleye, northern, muskie, bass or lake trout. All of our lakes are within a short 20 minute flight so you will be fishing in no time.

Our cabins are fully stocked and include hot and cold running water, indoor showers, solar powered lights, barbeques, fish cookers, fridges, and stoves. We run new Yamaha motors with swivel boat seats and plenty of gas on site.


Drinking water now avaialble at all outpost cabins !

Ajax Lake 

Ajax Lake

The Ajax Lake area is a five lake system 15 minutes from Nestor Falls, with great fishing opportunities for walleye, northern, bass and lake trout. Small lakes and some short portages make for great canoeing. Shallow creeks and bays offer great moose aquatic feeding areas and some wonderful wildlife encounters.

Ajax has some nice sand beaches and several portage trails for hiking. Great baitcasting for northern (up to 44”), small and largemouth bass (up to 21”) and lake trout (up to 32”). 

Sleeps 8






Cleftrock Lake

Photograph of Norhwest Flying's remote outpost on Cleftrock Lake. Cleftrock Lake

(35 air miles) The only cabin on this 3 lake system, only accessible by floatplane. It is about 2 miles long with several bays. There are holes of about 80 feet deep. It is tea-colour, which make it ideal for walleye. Cleftrock has both inflowing water and outflows on each end of it. It is a small lake but there are 2 portage lakes to explore with lots of opportunities for catching Walleye and Northern Pike. There are a few deep pockets on the lake and a few good humps. The lake has lots of islands and great fish structure. 6 beds









Kishkutena Lake

Photograph of Norwest Flying's remote outpost on Kishketena Lake. Kishkutena Lake

(8 air miles) is about seven miles long and one mile wide. The water is slightly tea colored and anywhere from about 40 to 80 feet deep. It has a predominately rocky shoreline with lots of islands and rock piles. In the deep sections of the lake you will fish for Lake Trout. Plenty of small mouth bass will provide you with tons of action and the lake is well known for producing several muskies in the 40’’ range. 6 beds








Loonhaunt Lake

Photograph of Northwest Flying's remote outpost on Loonhaunt Lake. Loonhaunt Lake

(19 air miles) Our most popular outpost location, you'll never run out of new spots to fish on this lake. Catch plenty of Bass, Northern and Walleye as well as some spectacular Lake Trout fishing.  8beds













Gordon Lake

Gordon Lake

(36 air miles) This is our newest cabin just completed the spring of 2018.

Gordon lake is a relatively small lake with plenty of interesting structure that produces trohpy walleye as well as great Northern action ! 6 beds












Outposts weight limit is 100 lbs per person.
This includes all of your gear, groceries, ice, pop and beer.
Any extra weight availability on the aircraft is utilized for camp supplies.


Tips for Packing Light

Pack a duffel bag rather than a suitcase.
Substitute lighter items (footwear, toiletries).
Coordinate within your group items, which can be shared, such as insect repellent, mosquito coils, sunscreen, flashlight, batteries, depth finders.
Combine some tackle with your fishing partner, such as jig heads, sinkers, filleting knives & stones, spare rods.
If you require special medication, make sure to carry enough for your whole trip on your person. Do not bring those 40lb tackle boxes.
Do not over-pack clothing.
Do not bring more beverages than you will drink.



  • All garbage must be brought out with you.
  • Bring canned beer, not bottled beer.
  • Bring all gear packed in duffle bag, packsack or plastic container.
  • We cannot fly loose articles, including groceries.
  • Groceries must be packed at a minimum in sturdy cardboard boxes.
  • Small containers pack better in the aircraft.
  • Baggage limit: Outposts limit is 100 lbs per person. Overweight will cost you $1.00/lb
  • Emergency satellite messenger available
  • It is your resonsibility to observe all fishing & boating regulations


What to Bring

  • First aid kit
  • Personal Floatation Device
  • Matches
  • Compass/GPS
  • Fishing Equipment
  • Bait
  • Flashlight
  • Camera
  • Dish Soap
  • Paper Towel
  • Toilet Paper
  • Sun Screen
  • Toiletries
  • Bath Towel
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Groceries
  • Garbage Bags

All outposts equipped with the following

  • Wood stoves
  • Drinking water via 5 gallon jugs !
  • Cooking pots, pans & utensils
  • Gas fish cooker
  • Gas BBQ
  • Running hot water & indoor shower
  • Large refrigerators/freezer
  • Solar lights
  • Full size stove/oven
  • Comfortable furniture
  • Large deck
  • Clean outhouses
  • Swivel boat seats
  • Nets
  • Anchors
  • Paddles
  • Plenty of boat gas
  • Back up Generators
  • We provide dish towels and cloths as well as pillow cases


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